‘brellaBox Launches at WeWork Charging Bull!

brellaBox copyHear ye, hear ye! The long-anticipated moment is finally here. The first-ever ‘brellaBox has taken its rightful place in the lobby of WeWork Charging Bull in Manhattan. No longer will the soggy masses be forced to schlep to the corner store for a flimsy sham of an umbrella! Instead, they will be able to rent a top-notch umbrella from our conveniently-located ‘brellaBox and carry on without any squelching or dripping. When faced with a bought of summer-afternoon downpour, office denizens can simply swipe a credit card and take an umbrella for a spin. This calls for an umbrella-bration! And maybe even some umbrel-libations! (That’s the last of the puns for this post, we promise!)

We’re thrilled to enter the vending-machine arena with the help of our friends at WeWork and Totes. We hope you’re as excited as we are for the launch of ‘brellaBox. Our little box is all grown up and we couldn’t be more proud.

If you’re passionate about umbrellas (or just trying to kill some time at work or in class), take a walk through the history of umbrellas here or through the future of umbrellas here.

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