Bus Stop – The Hollies

4076455959_e1deffac02No matter what the weather man says, spring is coming. We’re going to keep telling ourselves that until the temperature finally climbs above freezing. We have to have hope. With that in mind, we’re bringing you a song about how bad weather makes for good romance. Maybe the rain and snow aren’t all bad.

“Bus Stop,” by The Hollies, tells the story of love under an umbrella. It’s the simple gesture of sharing a little bit of shelter from the rain that sparks a sweet romance. For all you single folks out there, sharing an umbrella is a great way to make a first impression – and force a little bit of physical proximity to get the pheromones flowing. Bus Stop brought The Hollies, already famous in the U.K., to the U.S. charts in 1966. They’re a bit like the Beatles with a focus on vocal harmony. Let this happy tune wash away some of your wintertime blues.


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