Candy Rain – Anthony Lewis

13846205113_be582ffc3c_mGuys, remember N*SYNC? As in, one of the single greatest musical gifts known to earth, second to Queen and David Bowie (both separate and together). I know that the Backstreet Boys were around first, and I loved them too, but N*SYNC was my life. Smooth, sweet lyrics and dance beats and just enough edge for an 11-year-old. The boy band style is coming back in a big way, thanks to the joyful sounds of One Direction and the noise produced by Justin Beiber, so we’re taking the liberty of putting another contender on your radar: 17-year-old crooner Anthony Lewis. When I was 17, my biggest concerns were acne and who was hanging out at the mall. This kid is writing albums and singing like an angel. So, for this week’s Singin’ in the Rain, we present “Candy Rain,” covered by Anthony Lewis. “Candy Rain” is a smooth, slow-dance track that Anthony Lewis covers to bring us back to middle school in the best possible way (we know that’s not a very high bar, but bear with us). Of course, when we were in middle school, Anthony Lewis was in diapers. People who were born in 1997 are about to graduate from high school, folks. This is alarming to us and presumably to you as well. Where did our youth go? Alas, we’ll have to turn to Anthony and his ilk to remember the golden days when GoGurt was considered real food (remember GoGurt? Does that still exist?) and Hostess snack cakes were worth their weight in gold. Whether you’re fresh off the playground or looking for some nostalgia, grab yourself a Jello Snack Pack and give this track a listen.

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