Here Comes the Rain Again – The Eurhythmics

23380525_46bd76b330_mGuys. It’s raining. Again. Come on, New York, isn’t it time for spring yet? We want sunshine. We want brunch outside. Alas, that’s a lot to ask from the weather gods, wherever they may be. To help us through the gray and dreary day, we’re listening to “Here Comes the Rain Again” by The Eurhythmics. Who knew they had songs other than Sweet Dreams?

In this track, Annie Lennox is lovelorn and wistful and it’s raining – again. This one is worth it for the video alone. For part of it, she’s wearing a power trench coat that may or may not be made of black plastic. For other parts, she’s in a cabin in a nightgown while David Stewart (who was always creepy, but really pulls out all the stops for this one) films her looking in mirrors and out the window. It’s strange and wonderful, like everything the Eurhythmics did. Check it out:


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