Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

5579871428_ab0e5d7710_mOk, so this isn’t really a song about rain. It is, however, a song about the end of the “long, cold, lonely winter.” I think we can all relate to that. Winter doesn’t want to let go of its grip on NYC, but the spring is fighting through the gloom. It’s close to winning, too. We can tell because our noses are stuffy and our eyes are watering. It’s time for the cold and the snow to end.

In honor of the change of seasons that has to be just around the corner (or we’ll all go stark raving mad from this 8-month winter), we’re bringing you “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. You’ve probably already heard it, but you know you want to listen to it again. George Harrison was struggling with some dark times when he wrote this song, but he was hopeful and so are we. Take heart – “the ice is slowly melting” and even though “it seems like years since it’s been clear,” spring is coming. Soon we’ll be using our umbrellas on the beach instead of in the rain. Have a listen.


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