Don’t Get Caught In The Rain In NYC

Umbrella-share company ‘brellaBox wants to save us all from miserable rainy days.

You can never complain about rainy days in NYC again if you don’t back this startup…

It rains all the time in NYC. Seriously. Like 1/3 of the time. Who has the time and space to drag an umbrella around all the time, just in case? Not us. Of course, that leaves us buying those cheap umbrellas that break and end up in the trash after 5 minutes. And guys, that’s insanely wasteful. We throw away enough umbrellas every year to make a pile the size of 25 Eiffel Towers. TWENTY-FIVE EIFFEL TOWERS, PEOPLE! All those umbrellas and we’re constantly getting soaked.
Look familiar?

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How about this?



Or this?

NYC may soon have a better, greener option: the ‘brellaBox. ‘brellaBox is the world’s first and only umbrella sharing company. It’s like a vending machine, but for umbrellas instead of your third Diet Coke of the day. Download the app and use it to rent an umbrella from the machine closest to you. Then return it when you’re done. You’ll never get caught in the rain again and your DryBar blowout will be safe forever more. Plus, no more wasteful cheap umbrellas! Your landfills (we’re looking at you, Jersey) will thank you. The prototype ‘brellaBox was set up at WeWork’s Charging Bull location in the Financial District.

The ‘brellaBox is getting some use today @wework Charging Bull. #rainyday A photo posted by @brellabox on


The new-and-improved model is sleeker and easier to use.

The ‘brellaBox stocks state-of-the-art umbrellas that can withstand winds up to 70 miles per hour. They automatically expand and retract with the push of a button so you don’t have to risk your fingers fiddling with all those sharp metal bits. Plus they’re green, which is way more cheerful than the standard NYC black.
‘brellaBox has a Kickstarter campaign now and needs your help to bring umbrellas to the masses. Obviously we all need this. #umbrellasforthepeople

Visit ‘brellaBox’s website and Kickstarter campaign to learn how you can help bring umbrella sharing to NYC or to your own city, wherever you are.

Nobody likes getting caught in the rain*

It’s real out there in #NYC today. #waste #umbrellas #rainyday #yuck #westvillage

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*Pina coladas are ok.

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John O'Connor


John O'Connor is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of 'brellaBox.

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