Five Realities of Rainy Days in New York City

rain in NYCReality One: You Shall Never Get a Taxi!

The law of taxis in New York is simple. When you need one, you shall not have one. When you don’t need one, you shall have many to choose from. Nowhere is this principle more on display than on rainy days, where hopeless groups of people stand huddled under umbrellas, running after every off duty taxi that drives by.

Reality Two: Wet Shoes

Canadian goose down coats, special rain boots, french bulldogs. While it can seem that each of these items are passed out standard issue to people as they enter Manhattan, the reality is that most of us don’t own special rain boots, and I definitely don’t own a french bulldog. This means that shoes, and boots, are going to get wet as hell. This results in discomfort all day at work. Sucks.

Reality Three: Bad Hair

Why are rainy days bad for hair? As a guy, it’s not a problem I have. However, here are a few direct quotes from two of my female co-workers, talking about why rainy days suck for your hair:

“Your hair gets frizzy, and gross. Curly.”

“It just gets wavy. The humidity causes it.”

Well, there you have it. The reality is that rainy days are bad for your hair.

Reality Four: Calamity

You know those famous scenes in the movies, where a truck drives through a puddle, and a huge tidal wave of water washes over an innocent bystander on the street? You may not see it happen, but there are 8 million people in this city. Stuff like that happens on every rainy day. Be glad it’s not you.

Reality Five: Crappy Umbrellas

Everyone in New York City has experienced this at one time or another. You’re out and about, don’t have an umbrella, and it rains. You rush into a bodega, or Duane Reade, and buy an umbrella that breaks 10 minutes after you purchased it. 10 bucks down the drain.

The result? You’re left out in the rain, with a broken umbrella, that ends up in the trash. On a good rainy day, maybe it lasts the entire afternoon, but you lose it at dinner.

The next time the forecast calls for rain, you leave your umbrella at home, not wanting to lug it around.

It starts raining…

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  1. Anusha
    Anusha says:

    Reality Six: Even if you have a sturdy and sleek umbrella, you WILL forget it at home and have to go buy a crappy one anyway.

    Also, the tidal wave scene you describe has happened to me on several occasions.

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