‘brellaBox for Business – Branded Boxes and Umbrellas

‘brellaBox B2B allows our business clients to have a completely branded experience. In addition to a ‘brellaBox designed to fit the aesthetic of your work environment, we supply branded, “smart umbrellas,” that are synced with ‘brellaBox software. All usage and pricing rules can be customized to fit the needs of your business.

Your employees, guests, or members can then rent an umbrella for a length of time, and a price, of your choosing. You’ll know who has your umbrellas and for how long they’ve been checked out. It’s not only useful, it’s a fun feature to add to any office.

‘brellaBox Software

For companies who don’t have the space to house a ‘brellaBox, we offer access to our software and a “mini-‘brellaBox,” which allows umbrellas to be checked out and tracked without the box. In this case, we supply branded “smart umbrellas” that can be kept behind a registration desk, or concierge area, then manually checked out through a scanner. Each umbrella is then accounted for without the need to worry about losing inventory.


Branded umbrellas

Branded smart umbrellas with your businesses’ logo, and custom message


Custom ‘brellaBox

Custom ‘brellaBoxes that serve as a piece of functional art for your office


‘brellaBox account

Your organization sets custom usage and pricing rules for umbrella rentals


Eco-friendly amenity

Offer employees, guests, or members an environmentally friendly amenity

Rather than distribute branded umbrellas that end up forgotten at the back of closets, ‘brellaBox ensures your team will actually use your company’s umbrellas, helping to build brand awareness in the process. Since you decide the rental rate for umbrellas, you can turn a profit with your ‘brellaBoxes or offer the service as a fun amenity. It’s up to you!

For more information on the advertising value of branded umbrellas, check out this blog post.

A piece of functional art for your workplace, ‘brellaBox serves as an extra source of revenue, amenity, and advertising tool all at the same time.