Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall – The Ink Spots ft. Ella Fitzgerald

4286953964_7300a6f1e9_mWe’re taking a trip down memory lane this week. Maybe spring is making us wistful for the old days (that we millenials never experienced but continually romanticize). With that aesthetic in mind, we’re bringing you “Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall” by the Ink Spots, featuring the singularly fabulous Ella Fitzgerald. This tune came out in 1944, when everyone was tired of war and sadness and ready for change.

The singer points out that everyone has bad days, but he thinks he’s had enough of them to tide him over for a while. Everyone has to deal with some rainy days, but he’s ready for sun. He’s singing about wartime heartbreak and Ella’s part is the perfect counterpoint to his deliciously vintage sound. This is a song looking for hope; they’re betting that better times are just around the corner. In our own small way, we’re echoing those hopes. Granted, ours aren’t for anything as grand as the end of a world war. We’d just like it if the sunshine sticks around. Of course, if it doesn’t, we have our trusty ‘brella.



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