Magic – The Cars

2840804834_22d15466d9_mOk, we know this one’s not really about rain or umbrellas. But it’s Memorial Day Weekend, which is the official start of the summer. We’re about to switch from needing protection from the rain to protection from the sun (umbrellas do both admirably, you know). It’s beach and pool time – we know because we’ve been feeling that strong compulsion to go to the gym, even if it’s still a little gloomy in the city. We’re ready for barbecues and road trips and all things all-American.

This song captures exactly what we want from the summer. It’s magic. It’s that simple. The Cars are an American band headed up by the spectacular Ric Ocasek. For the record, we’re not sure that word has ever been used to describe him before, but his kind of weird is rapidly coming into style. He swears up and down that a Cars reunion is not in the cards, but we’re holding out hope for more synth-y pop goodness. So check out Magic, and watch the video. It sums up everything we want out of Memorial Day.

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