Queen of Rain – Roxette

13695525424_a1247b694f_mIt’s the end of summer, folks. School is starting. We just had our first classes of the semester and we’re positively dejected about it. How is it fall already? Heartbreaking. We feel like we deserve a little rain at this point. It suits our mood. Plus, the poor ‘brellaBox is wasting away, neglected and unloved. All it wants is to share its bounty of umbrellas, but all it gets is “80 degrees and sunny” in NYC. With our lives being so very difficult, we’re feeling quiet and thoughtful. In that spirit, we’re headed overseas for this week’s Singin’ in the Rain.

Roxette is a pop rock duo from Sweden, the land of 4-dimensional furniture and the meatballs we love the most. “Queen of Rain” is from their 4th album, Tourism. It’s a soft, sad track; the singer just can’t win. She’s played the “loser’s game of life,” which is pretty much how we’re feeling, given the amount of homework we have to do over the long weekend. Excuse us while we wallow in self-pity over our self-inflicted scholastic misery. Meanwhile, give it a listen:


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