No Rain – Blind Melon

7209153472_88d9962f02_mRemember the little bee girl on the cover of Blind Melon’s self-titled album? Did you know she tap-dances in the video? And some vicious folks out of frame laugh her off the stage. She’s fiercely awkward and we feel like she’s what spring is all about. She’s finding herself, and so are we all. As the snow finally melts and the sun starts to peek out from time to time, we’re all trying to shake off our winter funk and get ready for fun in the sun.

Blind Melon’s famous track “No Rain” hits the spot for these awkward days between winter and spring. We’re ready for the sun, but it’s been so long that we hardly remember what it looks like. The singer humbly suggests that he’d appreciate a dry day for once – and we fully support that sentiment. We’re ready for spring! So check out the video – the dancing bee alone makes it worth the time.



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