Rain – Mika

14455042122_2e0545687b_mOf course, right when we get our very first ‘brellaBox ready to go, the rain stops. Whatever, Mother Nature. You win this round. We’re not too upset, though. It’s nice to have a bit of sun. So summer. Much brunch. Wow. In celebration of both the season and our brand new, shiny ‘brellaBox, we’re bringing you a song by a Knight of the French Order of Arts and Letters (because of course France has knights of liberal arts rather than actual battle).

We’re really excited about finding out that Mika – yes, Mika of Billy Brown and Big Girls fame – is a knight. His track “Rain” is based on the lyrics of a letter he wrote to break up with some unlucky dame in his youth. It’s a fabulous dance track with everything you want from Mika – which is mostly his characteristic falsetto. Also very tight pants, fierce curls, and a contemporary dancer’s dream of a music video. It’s awesome. Give it a listen:


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