The Rain, The Park, and Other Things – The Cowsills

15682780_a44de0bac7Last week, we had a happy tune from The Hollies. We’re sticking with the trend this week and bringing you “The Rain, The Park, and Other Things” by The Cowsills. It’s an upbeat track from 1967, when it was always springtime and love was in the air (we assume). The Cowsills were a family band from Rhode Island – they inspired the 1970’s TV Show “The Partridge Family.” At its biggest, the band included six siblings and their mother.

The Rain, the Park, and Other Things is a love story. The singer sees a pretty lady sitting in the rain; the bad weather doesn’t bother her and the two fall in love. It’s a sweet reminder that even though the rain can be depressing, the sun will eventually come out and the flowers will bloom. We think everyone (ourselves included) should keep that fact in mind as we near the end of this year’s infinite winter.


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