The Rain Song – Led Zeppelin

14765747696_870e6ba9da_mWell, folks, we take back all the whining we did about the terrible winter weather. Our brand new ‘brellaBox is sitting here, totally neglected, because New York suddenly decided that we’ve had enough rain for one year. All we want is to take our fancy ‘brellas out for a spin! Alas. We’re driven to drastic measures. Last week, we talked about worshiping at the altar of Queen Bey. We’re still singing her praises, but we’re bringing in the Old Gods with the hope that they’ll give us some rain. That’s right, everybody. It’s Led Zeppelin time.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame compares Led Zeppelin’s influence in the ’70s to the Beatles’ in the ’60s. Every single one of their 9 albums made the Billboard Top 10 and 6 of them made it to the top spot. The guys released an untitled album without a band name on it and it became one of the top-selling albums of all time, selling 37 million units. Of course, that album did have Stairway to Heaven on it. In any case, that’s just the kind of wizardry we need to get the rain falling. “The Rain Song” is from Zeppelin’s fifth album, Houses of the Holy, which seems like the right place to go for us rain-god-seekers. It’s 7 minutes long and full of guitar and mellotron and so worth the time. We are not worthy to interpret the lyrics, but we’ll end where they do: “Into each life, some rain must fall.” We sure hope so. Give it a listen:

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