Raining in My Heart – Buddy Holly

5988616788_7d91dc4edf_mGuys, it rained! A little. Kind of. Enough to use the ‘brellaBox, though! And it was glorious. For future reference, the Gods of Funk are apparently taking prayers at the moment. We thank you, Funkmasters, for your beneficence. It’s supposed to rain some more this weekend, and while we’re disappointed that it’s threatening New York City’s fabulous Jazz Age Lawn Party, we’re still happy about it. For this week’s Singin’ in the Rain, we’re visiting the roots of rock and roll – the one and only Buddy Holly.

He’s generally hailed as the father of rock and roll, inspiration for the Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, and pretty much everyone else who came after him. He was only on the scene for 18  months before he tragically died in an airplane crash, but he changed the face of music forever. We’re talking about a man who proposed to his future wife on their first date. He was one-of-a-kind. We’d like to take a moment here to plug one of our all-time favorite flicks, which pays very rad homage to Buddy Holly: Six String Samurai. It’s about Buddy in a post-apocalyptic trek to “Lost” Vegas, plagued by death metal bands and other nasties; he’s planning to take over as King of Rock and Roll after the death of old King Elvis leaves the throne vacant. Also, the Red Elvises are in it. Also, sword fights. Totally worth watching.

Anyway, back to the point. This week’s Singin’ in the Rain is “Raining in My Heart,” from Buddy’s posthumous greatest hits album, The Buddy Holly Story. It’s a classic theme – his love interest has departed and he’s terribly sad about it. Give it a listen:

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