Rhapsody in the Rain – Lou Christie

1242809554_24c87c59b5_mIt’s summertime, folks! Time to start complaining about the heat and humidity. Of course, we love a lot about the summer here in NYC. It’s brunch season and park season and afternoon-baseball-game season. It’s also couple season. Does anyone else notice that? During the summer, everyone has a significant other. All you see is people holding hands and kissing on the subway (which, for the record, is extremely distasteful). Other than certain tasteless displays of PDA, we don’t mind all the couples. We totally understand. There’s a reason “summer love” is a thing. And that’s what inspired this week’s Singin’ in the Rain.

We’re taking a trip down memory lane with this one. Lou Christie put out this track right in the spring of ’66, which we imagine to be just about the most romantic time of the 20th century. He didn’t mess around – the song is about “making out in the rain,” among other things. That whole scene would have been a whole lot more comfortable with an umbrella, if somewhat less romantic. We’re just saying. Anyway, moving on with the plot, our singer remembers how “in this car, our love went much too far.” Suffice it to say that the song scandalized everyone even in the relatively permissive era of the Flower Children. Most radio stations actually banned the song. Of course, we at ‘brellaBox are not afraid to bring you the most controversial material. So, without further ado, give this a listen:

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