Set Fire to the Rain – Adele

6187522700_9e11b0a69a_mSummer is in full swing and we’re loving it. Our first ‘brellaBox is chugging away to protect our fellow WeWork members from NYC’s temperamental weather and all is right with the world. This week, we’re bringing you one of Adele’s hits – “Set Fire to the Rain.” We know you’ve already heard it. We don’t care because it’s awesome.

Adele is fierce. It’s tough to beat her for sass and style – and can we talk about her pipes? Good night. This song is Adele at her best. It’s soulful and smooth and classically Adele-themed. She fell in love, it all went wrong, and she produced a catchy megahit in revenge. She’s like a British Taylor Swift with better eyeliner game. Did you know Adele is the first female artist to ever have 3 songs in the Top 10 of the Billboard Top 100? Guys, even Beyonce hasn’t done that and we are proud worshipers at the altar of Queen Bey. So, without further ado, give it a listen:

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