New Friday Feature on the ‘brellaBlog: Our Favorite Umbrella Songs!

Do you dream of being a rock star? Looking for song ideas to differentiate you from the pop princesses and the boy band wonders? Look no further. Your perfect subject matter has been right in your bag, briefcase, or car all along. Yes, I’m talking about the umbrella. It’s an elegant creation and one to which everyone can relate. It rolls off the tongue and makes for a metaphor that resonates. It’s versatile – umbrellas work in the wind and rain and they’re also a cute accent for a tropical beverage. Don’t believe me yet? Some of the greatest artists of the age have paid homage to the noble umbrella. A song about umbrellas may just be your road to stardom.

4054789525_1cbd518d82To give you a dose of artistic inspiration, we’re going to be posting one of our favorite umbrella songs every Friday.

Enjoy, and feel free to send requests.





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