Singin’ in the Rain: Friday, February 21

6774939101_41d291a10aLast week we had the magic of Sting. But Valentine’s day is over, and we’re sure there are some broken hearts out there. For everyone who had a less-than-sweet Valentine’s Day and for everyone who is naturally inclined toward melancholia and interesting instrumentation, we’re posting “1000 Umbrellas” by XTC for this week’s Singin’ in the Rain.

Ostensibly about the singer’s divorce, this song is a far cry from Sting’s upbeat, hopeful tune from last week. In this song, a relationship has just ended and the singer is devastated – 1000 umbrellas, he says, “couldn’t catch all the rain that drained out of [his] head” after the breakup. We sympathize. Sometimes you just have to cry until you’re out of tears. Sometimes you have to sad-eat until you’re out of ice cream. It happens. Sad themes aside, the song is a pretty one. With vocals reminiscent of Incubus (who we brought to you a couple of weeks ago) and poignant use of strings, it’s worth a listen. Or ten.


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