The Start of Something Beautiful – Porcupine Tree

4023111353_fb446deeac_mAlas, summer is over. Classes have started (much to our chagrin) and the leaves are changing. Fall is a lovely time in New York City, but we have to bear in mind the famous words of House Stark – Winter is Coming. We would ordinarily dread the onset of freezing temperatures, sundown and 4:00 pm, and slushy downpours, but not this year. This year, we’re actually looking forward to the cooler weather; we’re hoping the rain will kick up as the temperature drops. Plus, rain or no rain, it’s Pumpkin Spice Season. Everything is going to be a little more delicious for the next couple of months.

Last week’s song put us in an overseas prog sort of mood and we think that fits the changing of the seasons, so we’re sticking with it. This week’s Singin’ in the Rain is by Porcupine Tree, from England. These guys started the band as a joke, creating a fictional history full of fictional band members and exploits. Of course, they had to write some songs to give credibility to the story. Then someone with a record label heard those songs, recognized them for the precious gems they were, and the fictional band became real. Lucky for us, because we can’t get enough of them. Our song this week is “The Start of Something Beautiful.” Don’t be fooled by the mundane title – the themes of the song are much more complex. The singer remembers when his lover took his hand and “led [him] through the rain,” but their relationship is just one big disaster. Whether it’s for the lovely, haunting lyrics or the stellar musicality, give this one a listen.


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