Summer Rain – Carl Thomas

5735858657_ff30ce7afd_mSo, of course, we get our fancy new ‘brellaBox and now Mother Nature decides to stop the daily deluge in NYC? Murphy’s Law is real, people. We can’t be too upset, because it’s beach weather, but still. We want to use the ‘brellaBox! Rain dancing is probably politically incorrect and is so last century anyway, so we’re rain singing. This week, it’s “Summer Rain” by Carl Thomas.

From his first album, “Emotional,” Summer Rain climbed all the way to number 18 on the R&B charts. We can see why. The man’s voice is like butter, but without the calorie-laden guilt. Heavenly. It’s a sad track about a lost lover. That imagery of summer rain is poignant – we’ve already talked about how summer is the season of love, but that means it’s also the season of heartbreak. We’re left wondering just what happened between Carl and his lady friend. We’re not the only ones struck by this song – it’s featured on the soundtrack of the hit movie, “Shaft.” As an aside, do see that flick if you haven’t already. Samuel L. Jackson. Enough said. But back to the point, which is that Carl Thomas has the voice of an angel and you should give this track a listen.


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