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3550733550_596bbb0796_mHere at ‘brellaBox, we unabashedly love teen movies. From Sixteen Candles to American Pie, we eat it up (no pun intended). We love get-the-girl, get-the-guy, coming-of-age, finding-your-niche, and finding-that-you-don’t-need-a-niche stories. We love the popular girls and misfits and the jocks and the geeks. We love plaid skirts and leather jackets and everything in between. We’ve recently been reminded of one of our favorites: the 1998 (ahem) classic, Can’t Hardly Wait. With Jennifer Love Hewitt as the high school queen learning that high school jocks can be jerks and Seth Green as a white kid who wants with all his heart to be a gangster, it has everything a good teen movie needs. It’s chock full of cheesy lines, obvious setups, and those high school kids we can all relate to. With this cinematic masterpiece in mind, we’re bringing you “Umbrella,” by Dog’s Eye View, for this week’s Singin’ in the Rain.

Umbrella is practically made for teen movies. It’s about a guy who just can’t get the girl. He’s “falling like the rain, but [she’s] got [her] umbrella in the way.” For every nerd who has idolized a teen queen, for every average girl in glasses drooling over a high school quarterback, for every nineties alternative kid in flannel who never quite fit in, there’s Umbrella. Plus, we think it might be a veiled joke about prophylactics, and who doesn’t like that? From the Can’t Hardly Wait soundtrack, for the high school misfit in all of us, this is Umbrella:


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