Umbrella – The Nits

5737943935_367d2c73f4_mWell, it was almost spring. For two glorious days, the sun shone and we could leave our cramped Manhattan apartments to revel in our freedom from jackets and boots. Turns out Mother Nature was faking us all out, and we’re back to winter again. Snow! In the middle of April! Dismal. We’re in need of some cheering up.

With that in mind, we’re playing “Umbrella” by Dutch pop group The Nits. We wish we could tell you more about the song, but we truly have no idea what they’re talking about. Either the singer is in love with an umbrella (which would explain why the neighbors and family are so confused when he brings his sweetheart home for tea) or we’re completely missing the point of this song. Regardless, it’s a sweet, upbeat pop tune worth a listen. At the very least, consider that if we all loved our umbrellas a little more, winter might not be so wretched.

Edit: The video for this song has been removed from YouTube and is apparently sufficiently obscure that we can’t find it anywhere else, either. Instead, here’s another song by our strange friends, The Nits, called “Umbrella Army.” It’s less weird and more dark, but we’re mad about the removal of “Umbrella” so it suits our mood.

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