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4477734480_68aabf2cf0Let’s face it – umbrellas aren’t the most exciting accessory in your wardrobe. You probably have a black one. Maybe you have one with an interesting color or pattern. Maybe you have a classy one with a wooden handle. That’s pretty much all the variation you see. Umbrellas go way back and it may seem like they’re as good as they’re going to get. Thankfully, there are singers of songs and dreamers of dreams out there who look at umbrellas and see so much more than the bland, utilitarian tool we’re used to. In fact, new waves of technology are changing the way we think about umbrellas.

The Multi-Unit Superbrella

This umbrella addresses one of the most common issues with rain protection – the wind. Sure, a regular umbrella can keep your clothes and hair dry as long as the rain is falling straight down, but introduce a little wind and it’s all over. The superbrella consists of five clear umbrellas. One sticks straight up like a normal umbrella and the other four stick out in the four cardinal directions. You’re safe from all kinds of weather, no matter how windy it is – and the superbrella goes all the way down to your knees. Oh, and if you’re worried about suffocating in this bubble-boy globe, lay those fears to rest. The superbrella has rain-proof holes all around for ventilation. We don’t understand the wizardry behind a rain-proof hole, but we like it.

The Senz Smart Umbrella

Here we have another idea to improve the functionality of umbrellas. We’ve all had umbrellas bite the dust in a sudden gust of wind, leaving us exposed to the elements and enraged at the inadequacy of our rain-protection device. The Senz Smart Umbrella steps in where your normal umbrella fails – it won’t turn inside out. No matter how hard the wind blows, your Senz umbrella will hold its shape. This thing is tested up to 70 mph, after which point you really should be inside anyway and getting a little wet is probably the least of your worries.

LightDrops Umbrella


The first two on our list are improvements to the standard functionality of the umbrella. The next three add a little power to make a big difference. The LightDrops umbrella transforms the energy of falling rain into light. As long as it’s raining, the umbrella glows to light your way. It can make the walk home on a dark, stormy night a lot more pleasant. Plus, it’s a piece of science you can carry around with you and show off at parties.

Lightsaber Umbrella

Speaking of showing off at parties, you can now own an umbrella with a lightsaber as a shaft. To keep innocent bystanders safe, the makers have toned down the lightsaber’s awesome power so you don’t accidentally dismember any bystanders. While if you can’t use it to cut through blast doors or deflect blaster bolts, you can choose any of your favorite classic lightsabers – Yoda’s, Vader’s, or Obi-wan’s, for example. The canopy also has the appropriate insignia on it, so passers-by know whether you’re a Rebel or an Imperial. The lightsaber umbrella basically guarantees you a date every time you take it out.

Pileus Internet Umbrella

Using your phone in the rain is the worst. Your touchscreen gets wet and there’s probably water leaking in through the buttons. It’s also really hard to hold an umbrella, a coffee, and your phone all at the same time. But why should you have to look at the world beyond your smartphone screen just because it’s raining? Enter the Pileus Internet Umbrella. It’s still a prototype, but the prototype is already awesome. A projector in the umbrella displays a screen on the underside of your umbrella, showing you where you are on a map and how to get where you’re going. The umbrella can also take photos and upload them to Flickr. As soon as they hook up Facebook, we’re volunteering to beta test this bad boy.

With all those sweet umbrellas out there, you’re probably feeling pretty down about that sad, broken, boring number lying on the ground by the door. Don’t despair! This is America and you can order a new, fancy umbrella to show all your friends right now!

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