Waiting for the Rain to Stop – Mae

5569818223_ddfb03e424_mThe title is pretty self-explanatory. It’s raining again here in NYC and we’re looking at a cool, soggy weekend. Our student friends are drowning in exams and our working friends are just tired of winter. We could all use some sun. How are we supposed to indulge in our bottomless brunches when the weather’s like this? (For those of you that don’t know, brunch is all that is holy in Manhattan.)

For Singin’ in the Rain, we’re bringing you a little alternative track called “Waiting for the Rain to Stop” by Mae. Mae is an acronym for “multisensory aesthetic experience,” which is a fair description of their style. The lyrics are evocative, poetic without being too lofty. The singer is mourning a lost relationship and wondering when his life is going to brighten up again. We feel that; we haven’t seen the sun in so long we’re all at risk of vitamin D deficiency (is that a thing?). There are some pretty keyboard riffs on this track for anyone so inclined and the rhythm is unusual and attention-grabbing. Give it a listen.

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