Whatever you love, you are

2635784582_2ef0eefc15For New Yorkers, money is inevitably always on our minds. How to make it, how to save it, how to invest it. It’s not unreasonable to form short and long-term goals that are based around money, whether it’s paying off college loans or saving up to buy an apartment. Money, and often times, lack there of, tends to be the most tangible way to measure growth, especially for an entrepreneur. We’re all hungry to see our bank accounts and businesses grow, but this is only okay “as long as dollars are pursued with full knowledge that the chase is small, quick, and meaningless.” Now that we’re settling into 2014 and starting to make progress on our resolutions and goals, I thought I’d share a poem by Rumi, one of my all-time favorites. Just something to ponder whilst powering full steam ahead this year…

A Subtle Truth

If you want money more than anything,
you will be bought and sold.
If you have a greed for food,
you will become a loaf of bread.
This is a subtle truth.
Whatever you love, you are
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Anusha Kambhampaty


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